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    Nowadays,the most important element which determines the development of enterprise is high responsibility of people.Talented persons are the most precious treasure for enterprise which is a tie and soul to enterprise. Approving of the management conception about human-based ideology,our company attaches importance to develop and foster talented people and create conditions for them,making efforts to preserve them by career,development,culture.By arousing thier intelligence to develop enterprise which can reflect their worth.
    Company has been insisting that "Everyone is talented,not race horses","Result is better than qulification,ability is better than education background",“Be moral and talented" as hiring standard to encourage staffs.
    We are firmly convinced that talented people is the real motive power to develop the company,they are our wings which make us fly,we have stages to let them show themselves,they are developing with us!So we initiate the human-based ideology,indicated that:"The operation of enterprise is the operation of talented people;Insdustry competition is talented people's competition”.We have formulated management concept of modern enterprise HR "Human-based,human-resourced,human-dynamic".Based on th principle of "Use the advantage,avoid the disavantage" to help every employee find their suitable position.
   Strength the training and study.Provide study opportunities to every employee,lead to road to study-enterprise.Enterprise need to develop with improving the ability of staff.We raise our slogan that"Training is the best benefit for staff,development is the best return",create positive better study,training conditions,offer them the effective plans,dig out their potential sufficiently and promote them to grow.We are always ready to accept the reasonable suggestions from our staff.With a great interaction between enterprise and staff,we can form the atmosphere that enterprise treat the employees well and staff appreciate company.Build an excellent environment which combines standard management and humanity management,foster sense of honor of staff and activate their enthusiasm.